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Black Boaters Summit

Sun, 06/08/2014

For the past five years I have been a member of the black sailing community. I serendipitously stumbled onto the Black Boaters Summit, an annual bare boat sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands. I have been hooked ever sense.

I read once that if you follow your passions you are satisfying your soul. When I spend my hard­earned money on a vacation, I want to do something that is soul satisfying!

My passions are all about a healthy lifestyle: exercise, healthy eating, healthy cooking, and good wine. When sailing aboard big yachts in the Caribbean, all my passions come together.

This is not about being young or sporty. It is about a “laid­back adventure” with like­mined people.

When most people think of sailing, they think of a racing sailboat, heeled over in the water. It’s looks a little scarry. Black Boaters Summit uses forty eight foot luxury catamarans. They ride flat and stable. The accommodations are 5 star all the way! No rough waters and no “heeling”on these sailing yachts!

It’s the laidback Black Boaters Summit lifestyle that attracts me and so many others year after year.

Everyone finds the time and space to do

what makes them feel alive. And the best thing is you are in charge of when you come and go.

The freedom is awesome! NO cruise ship time here.

The Captains come from all over the country to participate in this event. Our flotilla of 10 plus yachts sails from island to island, and we never lose site of land.

You, as part of the bareboat crew, sail the boat, enjoy water activities and relax on the beach. Every evening there is a party ashore or on one of the yachts. You can do as much or as little as you want! No pressure! And you don’t have to swim to enjoy this trip because there are so many other activities.

Finding people that share your passions and celebrate life is exhilarating! It’s Soul Satisfaction! In fact, the vacation was so satisfying, that several people have found “mates for life” and got married! I did! I’m just saying when like­minded people get together in the islands…it is magic!


“Vacation with a Purpose”!

July 25 ­ August 2, 2014

In the British Virgin Islands

Cookin and Cruizin Caribbean Style Workshop

Workshops are mini culinary vacations designed to reveal the wonders of Caribbean destinations and great food all while in the company of local experts.

The workshops are ideal for anyone with a passion for food and a taste for adventure.

Learn to cook delicious simple dishes that will amaze your friends! Have fun sailing the British Virgin Islands and meeting new people.


Learn more about our workshops, contact Marvelle, at (773) 924­1947 or email at


“Vacation with a Purpose”!In the British Virgin IslandsCookin and Cruizin Caribbean Style Workshop


“Women Learn to Sail”!

Take the first step to becoming a big sail boat skipper. In just a few years you can charter a boat in the BVI, take your friends sailing and you will be the captain.

Sailing is not difficult to learn and you do not need to know how to swim!

We want you to join us on the a Moorings 43.3, in a flotilla of ten plus boats. There will be a maximum of four participants on board. Learn to sail with the best! E mail Cap’n Paul at for more.

Come and join us! July 25 ­ August 2, 2014 Create your own moments when you feel alive!.

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