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- $25.00

One of the best Chardonnay's I have tasted. It is well rounded with bright fruit expressions as displayed by the Chard profile. Just enough oak to give structure and backbone for this wine, DELIGHTFUL choice!

Celeste, 2009
- $30.00

An awesome wine from Spain and the prestigous Torres family portfolio. It is full highligted by robust fruit and soft tannis. You are entitled to treat yourself don't you think!  

- $15.00

You will enjoy this Chardonnay for its stylish profile and expression of the noble pedigree of a modestly priced wine from France.

Assobio, 2010
- $14.00

One of the best wine producers from Portugal has created a terrific wine at a modest price for casual and everyday drinking!  A delightful red with a soft and silky texture. Enjoy now!

- $20.00

Will challenge you with its diversity of flavor yet satisfy those who enjoy a complex white wine 

- $20.00

Fruity with a subtle sweetness and a soft, clean finish 

- $15.00

One of my favorite wines for its easy and appealing nature and style, no food required, great on its own!

- $20.00

A clean and refreshing wine with the soft and and easy style typical of great Riesling's