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Can You Serve Wine with That?

Wed, 02/23/2022

Many in our community of wine lovers are also life-long fans of Soul Food, that unique combination of influences from Southern, Creole, and Caribbean cuisines.  But for many of us, there has long been an inexplicable wall separating the two, a sense that wine and Soul Food somehow don’t mix or aren’t meant to share the same table.

But we think that mysterious wall ought to be knocked down, or at least have a few sizable holes knocked through it.  There are many wines, both imported and domestic –including some from surprising sources- that would pair particularly well with the cuisine with which many of us were raised and which we enjoy to this day.

And so, we’re going to begin investigating some of those pairing in this space, delving into a number of interesting side topics along the way.  We’re thinking that it will be both interesting and useful for many of our readers. 

We’re looking forward to the journey and hope you’ll join us here.  It should be fun.