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About Us

Welcome to Slitely Chilled

Slitely Chilled is the digital platform affiliate for Tasting, Education and Networking Folks [TenFolks] and our continued advocacy of developing and facilitating the interest for wine within the African American/Urban consumer market.

The premise for Slitely Chilled has been established by our 14 years of business engagements by TenFolks, most notably, our pedigree for conducting over 400 signature, corporate and private wine events, seminars and editorial contributions. This business concept was developed within the context of: the art of wine appreciation is created and broadened by the exposure to the world of wine from regions throughout the world.  Slitely Chilled presents a digital platform for disseminating this information in real time and virtually. It will enable our subscribers to make their wine choices based upon the use of a fundamental understanding of wine and acquiring a knowledge base about them to better develop your taste and palette for those which you desire.

Please visit our Wine  Club  section, which list wine selections we have available for purchase. Most of our wine selections are those we anticipate will be trendsetters well before they are discovered by others. Our Events section will list a schedule of wine events we will plan for the upcoming season.   We will present articles on all things wine with a penchant for emerging brands from small and boutique winemakers and producers, the artistic and cultural arts community, and tastemaker profiles.

Discover the world of wine one glass at a time by trusting our attention to sourcing and offering editorial content about unique wines, personalities and cultural interest. Thank you for your invaluable support and patronage.

Here’s to a life which I hope remains for all……Slitely Chilled!

Curtis Green,  Vintrepreneur

Publisher and Managing Editor