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Discover Rose'

Mon, 02/16/2015

Discovering Rose'

By Michael Romano

This will be another year the Rose’ wine will be ever-increasing in availability from the world leading territorial provider – Cotes de Provence!!  The 2014 vintage was nothing short of exceptional quality and tremendous quantities.  A blissful dream-come-true for Provencal vintners, and especially for much sought after Maison Belle Claire Rose’.  Traditionally, Maison Belle Claire Rose’ was reserved in limited quantities for the finest restaurants in Paris and throughout the Côte d'Azur

Ever since the new brand owner Michael Romano introduced Maison Belle Claire to the United States, the brand has continued to be on a rocket-ship to popularity.  The popularity began in the fashionable and trendy Hamptons of New York.  Now available in almost 15 states the demand is being challenged.  Michael Romano assures his US distributors that the growth can most probably be sustained this year and supplied confidently.  To do this, Romano stated that there might need to be cuts to the new importers around the world seeking the well touted Maison Belle Claire.

So what made Rose’ so popular in the first place?  Why is Rose’ being sought after as the wine of choice by connoisseur and novices alike?  The wine of the “in crowd” is easy to drink.  It is a perfect match to a multitude of culinary delicacies or as a stand-alone aperitif.  Simply put – it is perfect.  Red wine drinkers are keen to it because of complexities and layers of flavors.  Traditional white wine drinkers like it because it is chilled and refreshing.  Beach drinkers love it because it stands up to ice, like it is enjoyed in the heat of the summer in Saint-Tropez.  The unique corset shaped bottle of Maison Belle Claire is so appealing and is very traditional of Provence. Maison Belle Claire is the full package – high quality and beautiful to look at in the glass and in the bottle too.

The history of Rose’ makes it fashionable too.  The educated consumers know that Rose’ was the first wine produced.  And the history of Provence and Rose’ adds to the intrigue as well.  The Romans occupied Provence before the area belonged to France.  The Romans planted the first grapes in Provence.  (Now we understand the Italian fella Michael Romano’s involvement in Provence.)  Provence, France is famous for producing the finest Rose’ in the world.  France produces approximately 20% of the entire world’s production of Rose’.  Furthermore, 80% of France’s Rose’ production comes from Provence.  Now don’t sell short the red or white wines of Provence.  According to Michael Romano; Maison Belle Claire will introduce to the US market an AOC Vin Blanc.  Predominantly comprised of Vermentino, it incorporates two other Provencal white grapes to make a delicious, well designed and balanced white wine. 

Characteristics of Maison Belle Claire Rose’ are benchmark for Provence Rose’.  The color is soft, pale pink caressing a gentle pastel tone of warmth.  The nose of the wine is reminiscent of fresh red berries.  The taste is crisp to a mouthfeel.  Refreshing and inviting, it will excite the palate for introduction to numerous foods.  Romano does note that Maison Belle Claire is a wine for lovers’ and has been declared to have caused pregnancies.  Also noted by another famous New Yorker, Louis Armstrong: ...”give your heart and soul to me…and life will always be…la vie en rose.”

Look for Maison Belle Claire wines all over the east coast.  Ask for it by name – you will not have any regrets!  Romano Brands Fine Wines – 516 681-5158