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Promardi Empowers Music And Arts Industry Professionals To Reach New Heights

Tue, 11/04/2014

October 29, 2014, NEW JERSEY – Technology startup Promardi, located at the Camden CoLab, unveils a grassroots movement for music and arts industry professionals and businesses. According to CEO of Promardi Donta’ Bell, “Promardi connects professionals from the music and arts industries to promote, market and distribute their brands globally. The movement is powered by a mobile directory that provides access to endless opportunities. The business to business directory also serves as the single resource to find upcoming events such as seminars, performances, workshops and more.”

Promardi has three channels for which members can register –

  1. Music Network
  2. Arts Network
  3. Faith Based Network

According to COO of Promardi Baron Harris, “For years, I have often heard music and entertainment professionals say that they need to get connected. My answer to them is, ‘If you were connected what would you do?’  You do not become successful by getting connected but by knowing what to do when the opportunity knocks. Our mission is to help you define your goal, prepare for your success, and execute your plan.  Stop waiting for someone else's dream and make your own!  With Promardi, you now have an ecosystem in place to help you achieve your goals.”

Promardi Benefits

  • Apply for Opportunities
  • Sell Your Own Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Promote Your Brand with Our Virtual Office
  • Showcase Your Talents in Our Music Distribution Centers
  • Interact with Fans

According to Eric Roberson, 2x Grammy nominated recording artist, “Promardi comes to the rescue to provide a movement that reintroduces the culture of knowing how the song was created and the ability to connect with those who created the song.  I remember as a kid reading credits as I listened to an album.  It completed my experience.  Who played what?  Who wrote what?  Was there a sample in the song and where was it from?  What studio did they record in?  I wouldn't have my career if people didn't see my name on credits for artists like Jill Scott, Musiq Soul Child and Will Downing.”

Suzanne Zammit, Director of Camden CoLab, states “ solves a critical challenge the music industry faces today.”

About Promardi

Promardi is a grassroots movement that connects professionals in the music and arts industry with opportunities to promote their brands and share their talents globally.

For more information about Promardi, please refer to the following details –

Contact Info

Website –

Contact – Baron Harris – (856) 671-1090 –

Address – Waterfront Technology Center, 200 Federal Street, Suite 300, Camden NJ 08103