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Ten Amazing Champagne’s You Should Know!

Fri, 03/28/2014

Most people consider drinking a glass of Champagne for their special occasion. I enjoy Champagne on any occasion that I wish to make special. As a true devotee of this wonderful Cuvee’, I am inclined to bring out the Bubbly to celebrate any moment which can be transformed by its presence, such as, a quiet evening while listening to a classic jazz artist or with a friend or loved one by bringing a festive accouterment to that place and time.  

I am highly selective of my choices of Champagnes which become noteworthy for their accompaniment by making those aspects of my life special. I have been equally discerning in selecting the five Champagne’s I have designated as my Top Selections and offer to you for your consideration. As I am sure they will bring you the the ultimate presentation of the expression, character and nuance often displayed in a well made Champagne, the “House Style”, as it is known.

I have had the pleasure to promote many of the Champagne’s considered as the premium Champagne Houses. In fact, I held the largest consumer Champagne tasting event ever held in New York City for two successive years which featured many of those Champagne’s. You will not find any of those on this current list of my preferences. Actually, it is likely that many of the Champagne’s I have designated for my five Top Picks are many you may have never heard of but that is why I am writing about them. If you enjoy great tasting Champagne you certainly should get to know them.

Most of the artisan Champagne’s I have selected are made by small production and handcrafted methods with most making less than 400,000 bottles and some as few as 75,000 bottles annually. By contrast, many of the larger or prestige Champagne houses can produce as many as 2 million bottles/cases annually. I do not wish to disparage any of those brands or houses but rather suggest you may find alternative brands which are worthy of your exploration. Over one billion sold does not always translate to define quality but rather quantity and maybe convenience. Therefore, I would rather have my burger from Peter Luger, thank you and I hope I have made a point here.

So let’s begin and I hope many of you will follow these recommendations as you make your Champagne selections for your holiday and year round enjoyment. We can also ship any of the Champagne’s you are interested in purchasing to you if you reside within 1 of the 39 States we currently ship to.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays, Enjoy!       

From Our Top December Champagnes and Sparkling Wine Picks

Wines featured here may not be available for wine club packages. Wines can be special ordered please email us for details.


Thank you and Enjoy!
  • Saint Chamant Rose, France, $67

  • Saint Chamant Blanc du Blanc NV, France, $47

  • Charles de Morency Champagne Brut Reserve, France, $34

  • Champagne A.R. Lenoble, Brut Intense, France, $47

  • Champagne A.R. Lenoble, Brut Nature, France, $52

  • Champagne Tendil&Lombardi Blanc de Noir, NV France, $53

  • Champagne Tendil&lombardi Rose de Sagnee’, France, $53

  • NV Champagne Delamotte, Brut Blanc de Blanc, France, $65

  • NV Champagne Delamotte, Brut, France, $50

  • NV Champagne Delamotte  Brut Rose’, France, $90