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- $22.00

Maison Belle Claire Rose' embodies the essence of Rose' wine from the Provence region yet it distiquishes itself by its obvious quality and skilled winemaking. it has a crisp berry strucure and a long clean refreshing finish. I strongly urge drinking this wine year round but enjoy now for the pairing options it offers for various summer dishes. 

- $70.00

As noted by our feaured article on the Burgundy region wines drom this region are considered majestic by many. Count me among those who consider this wine's region majestic and I will limit my comments about this wine to just is majestic.

- $40.00

You will not find a more stylish well made Champagne at this price! It is soft and delightful with great mouthfeel and bubbles which tickle the palette almost playfully. an exceptional fruit structure with a long and lasting finish. If you find this Champage its a must buy!

- $12.00

A well made modest price Malbec that displays good fruit and soft tannins. Typical of this wine category it has a medium body frame which makes it a great summer red, perfect with outdoor grilling!

- $19.00

An amazing and well made Albarino with good acidity and crisp fruit notes. It is refreshing on its own and perfect with light summer fare such as seafood salad. One of my favorite wine regions!  

T&L Rose' presents a Champagne made by the traditional saignee method. This complex method for producing this Champagne involves the extracting color  and complexity from the skins  during fermentation. As a result of this process an elegance and structure is obtained and the use of Pinot Noir is clearly evident. A perfect Champagne for the hoiday season, it is festive and lively with unending bubbles! Available by special order.  

- $55.00

This elegant and stylish Cuvee presents a complex structure that is highlighted by subtle fruit and soft and pleassant mouthfeel. Lenoble produces Champagne in the traditional style with fine consistent bubbles and floral scents that heighten your senses.

If the box thing did not worjk for you, here is the same wine producer with a wonderful Cabernet. It is Organic and sulfite free and very drinkable. You will get wonderful fruit balanced with a soft and pleasant finish. Available by special order.

OMG, its in a box! Well just as we have grown used to screw caps on wine, the box wine is here to stay. Here you have an Orgaanic and sulfite free wine that is a very decent drinking wine. Very strait forward fruit and a pleasant finish. So here you are the I can't drink red wine, it gives me a headache. try this. Available by special order.

- $39.99

A bold and complex wine with notes of berry and spice. It is produced by one of the top producers in South Africa and the wines are produced from vines up to 50 years old.