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Black Scents Makes Sense: Black-Owned Fragrance Houses

Tue, 02/08/2022

Innovative creativity among gifted and passionate Black entrepreneurs is changing the landscape of the Fragrance industry!  During the lockdown that many of us experienced we looked for constructive things to occupy our minds. This writer turned to youtube music videos. One day a fresh kind of video content came into my youtube feed and life has not been the same since!

 It was a musician, a jazz musician who played trumpet. Yet it was not a music video. He became talking about fragrances and that I need to join the fresh squad if I liked fragrances and fragrance content. This piqued my interest. At the time I had 2 bottles of fragrances that I was most proud of. The man in the video is what I came to learn was a fragrance reviewer or fragrance influencer. His name is Justin Copeland from the West Coast. This video segment covered Black owned fragrance houses. What? Are there such entities? Yes, Family there are. In this video Justin covered about 5 different Black-owned Fragrance Houses. One of which was no longer in business. I was amazed at this new body of information. Like most men I wore what my girlfriend, wife or mother bought and stayed with it until someone bought me another "gift set" that included "soap on a rope" fragrance bar. Yes, you know the one. 

Now just like music, fragrances have notes and they create a mood and set a tone. Each of the fragrances Justin featured was unique in its own right. 
I have to admit I got excited about these new brands and wanted to know more. As a result, during the next several months I took a deep dive into the world of fragrances.
The fragrance industry is global and BIG business. One report last year stated that in 2021 the industry globally profited over $29 Billion and by 2026 it is expected to reach more than $37 billion.  Black consumers represent $151 million of the fragrance market, according to a September 2021 Forbes report. 
The Black Fragrance houses have unleashed a new sway, a new style, a new sophistication in the fragrance game. This is what you will come to learn is the niche and independent fragrance community. This simply means the company specializes in fragrances only. There are some fragrance houses that offer branded merchandise to their customers, but for the most part they are passionate about creating exciting fragrances. The Creative Directors of the Black fragrance houses are indeed global in scope! They hail from Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Brooklyn, NY, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and yes Mother Africa.
 Won't you join me in this Journey. This series of articles will introduce you to and celebrate the courage and creativity of pioneering Black entrepreneurs that were bold enough to step into a space few if any ever ventured.
Now Family, here is where it gets really exciting. In the NYC area there are at least 7, yes, I said 7 Black-owned fragrance houses. There is another company across the river in Newark NJ. Now for those of you that enjoy that in-person attention experience I am including M.U.S.E. which is a boutique retail fragrance experience located in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem. At M.U.S.E. you will have the opportunity to smell high-end luxury fragrance and chat with the owner. That in and of itself is worth the trip uptown. 
I will provide you with the websites below in the event you want to step outside your comfort zone and into the arena of limitless possibilities! 
What you need to know about the Black-owned niche fragrance houses is that they use some the highest quality fragrances in their creation. Most of their fragrances have a higher concentration of perfume oil in their masterpiece. So, you as the consumers are getting tremendous value and a unique experience in perfumery.  These fragrance pioneers are truly amazing. There is a memorable and often times a personal story behind each fragrance creation. So let me give a little peek as to what is to come in the following issues of your online source of "What's next in Sophistication, Style & Soul." Please note that the listing is not in any particular order. I would strongly encourage you to visit the website to learn a little more about the company and their offerings. The rule of thumb in the fragrance game is this: If you are familiar with a fragrance house, then pick up a discovery set or sample kit of several of their fragrance offerings to try first, then you purchase a full bottle or two. Full transparency, I skip that step and purchase the full bottles. I have not been disappointed. As our parents were fond of saying do as I say, not as I do!!! Family this guided tour into the world of fragrances with these truly gifted Bold and Black Creators of memorable scents is amazing so keep coming back with an open mind and open heart. is your partner into wonderous and rich journeys of lasting memorable experiences.
1. The Elemental Fragrance
3. City Rhythm Fragrance
4. Good Vibes Perfume
5. Signature Scents By Hand (Vegan Fragrance)
7. Kimberly NY
8. Scotch Porter (Newark, NJ)
9. M.U.S.E. = Modern Urban Sensory Experiences
You do not want to miss our next feature of what to buy and wear to make this year's special occasions memorable!! See you then.
Andrew D. Manns, Jr. A.D. G.
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